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We’re all about the music - from film scores to commercial projects. 

2k Musik Group is a full-service music production company. The team at 2k Music Group has lent their award-winning talents to brands and artists all over the nation. If you have a project that needs inspirational sounds, get in touch with us today.

Bring Your Music to Life


What do we do?

2k Music Group is a full-service music production company with diverse contractors of composers and producers. At 2k Music Group, we produce, mix, and master great-sounding tunes for all of your music needs. Check out some of our recent productions to experience first-hand the superior sound quality we offer.

Music is life itself


Louis Amstrong

Music  & Video Production

It’s hard to separate those two aspects nowadays because in today’s world these categories are increasingly difficult to dissociate. We’re willing to work with all kinds of artists, producers, adventurers, and music lovers whether you need help with a new hit or you’d like to remaster a clip, whether you need perfect audio for your podcasts and Youtube production or you need professional quality audios for your post-production projects. Listen to the variety of projects we have worked on in the past to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Recording Arts

With the increasingly high demand of engineers able to capture your songs at a professional level we’re giving you a full recording able to suit you or your band to the fullest. With high-quality mics in our arsenal, we are ready to record the greatest performances of your life. We have setups that work with all kinds of budgets. Do not fret we got you.


Go beyond what you think is possible. Wherever you want to go - we can take you there.

Live for TV Performance

This spot has a fun and energetic vibe that’s sure to capture the attention of all the audiences. Taking the song to a whole new level, this demo features some of our best production work. For the Live shows, we were involved in all the main production tasks, including engineering and mixing, as well as other post-production services.


Music Production

Make It Yours


Sound Engineering

A Real Experience

Bring your entire session to the music industry standards. Each of your tracks is treated separately and in groups to bring a coherent and smooth render.
Full Mix
1 min
I can take raw tracks you've recorded at any studio and turn them into professional, polished recordings. P.S: *Nothing will be done prior to the signature of the cont...
Vocal Mix

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